Monday, February 15, 2010

Setting an example

I started this blog with the good intention to write regularly (at least 5 a week) so as to keep on par with my son's blogging activities. Till now, quoting the language of the youngsters today, "Lame", yes, "Lame", this is only my 2nd blog! What have I been doing?

Today is the 3rd day of the Lunar New Year (LNY). Our family were in Malaysia for the past few days. Let me begin my blog journey again...

13 Feb 2010

On the eve of LNY, we packed our car full of luggage. At 10am, we embarked on our journey. On reaching the S'pore custom, we were shouting with joy "No JAM! Yeah" However, our joy was quickly overtaken by groaning & whining --> the "Causeway Bridge" was packed with cars! Fortunately, it was not that bad. We managed to reach our relative's house within 2 hours and was in time for our re-union lunch.

10 minutes to 12 a.m. to LNY

My heart was palpitating... my head was pounding... my eyes were tearing... my ears could not be covered fast enough... All these would not stop me from standing outside of the house, watching the majestic views up in the sky... Wow! It was beautiful... (Free to watch...)

14 Feb 2010

At the stroke of the midnight hour, the display of majestic fireworks and burning of firecrackers were continuous for more than an hour. The atmosphere! The crowd! The smell (of burning)... The excitement! Yes, this is the atmosphere of LNY!

Personally, I marveled at the expenditure these neighbors were willing to incur for these items. I heard it was about a few thousand RM each. I would rather spend the $ on something else e.g. eat at a good restaurant, donation to the charity... I guess the saying "Different people have different priorities" could be used aptly in this case.

~ To be continued