Monday, December 21, 2009

My first Blog

As an IT professional, I have always wanted to start my own blog. However, the usual reasons set in -> Not enough time, don't know how and where to begin, is it safe, my English is no good, embarrassing etc etc. Today, I finally took the first step...with help from my super enthusiastic son. His enthusiasm on his new MacBook & his blog touched me deeply.

To my utter delight, he helped to set up my account, guided me through it and explained to me, with so much patience and cheerfulness. This makes me reflect on my guidance to his study, his life. It pales in comparison to his.

As he begins his blog with 'My Journey Begins At SST', as his mother, as his lifelong friend, I decide to embark on the same journey together with him. With his encouragement, I started off with this blog and he helped me to name it as "My Life Begins At SST" -> Similar to his, but will be written with different thoughts, different mentality. And that's how it should be....